Madonna and Child

Madonna and Child

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“Good Housekeeping, December 1924”
by Jessie Willcox Smith

Good Housekeeping, the quintessential American magazine for housewives, would on rare occasions in the early years of the 20th Century publish Catholic-themed covers. To our knowledge, they did it three times, all painted by Jessie Wilcox Smith. They were all Madonna and Child paintings. In this one, we have Mary kneeling by Jesus. Smith uses a deep Marian blue which any Catholic would recognize. Protestant versions of this scene always include Joseph because, sadly, the theme of Madonna and Child is deliberately not part of their tradition.

But Jessie Wilcox Smith was one of the most famous illustrators of her day, in a time art historians call the Golden Age of Illustration. We are very fond of this style. She painted every cover of Good Housekeeping between 1917 and 1933. For some reason, this beautiful painting reminds us of the song “Silent Night” in its delicacy and simplicity.


This image is out of copyright. We will include her other two Catholic covers if and when we can determine their copyright status.

– 8.5 x 11" acid-free paper
– Archival pigments, rated to last for generations.
– Cardboard backer
– Above story of the art
– Enclosed in a tight-fitting, crystal clear bag.

** IMPORTANT ** There is about an inch-and-a-third of white space around the picture, so the image is smaller than the paper.