Jesus Holding the Eucharist– Bouasse-Jeune

Jesus Holding the Eucharist– Bouasse-Jeune

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Jesus Holding the Eucharist – Bouasse-Jeune”

Vintage Holy Card – Anonymous Artist

The quality of the Bouasse-Jeune and the Bouasse-Lebel lithographed holy cards are perhaps the finest ever made. We love the delicacy of the artwork and the exquisite workmanship in the printing. In this one, which we think was from the early 20th Century, there is a lightness of spirit that gives us the feeling of intimacy and something akin to delight with Jesus and His Eucharist.

With the flowers and the curly-cues, we’d place this a little after Art Nouveau. The hollyhocks are not just a gorgeous decorative element, but also traditional symbols of eternal life and resurrection. We think the colors in this one are subtle and exquisite. Some people call this early 20th Century color scheme to be shabby chic, and we confess we are very fond of it.

The quote means, “Who has Jesus has all.” It is a phrase often associated with St. Thérèse of Lisieux, but she was echoing Monsignor Jean-Jacques Olier, a hero of 17th Century French Catholicism.

Bouasse-Jeune, the brother’s company to the man who ran the Bouasse-Lebel printing company, went out of business around 1920. The original company, Bouasse-Lebel, lasted until 1960, over a century after its founding by their mother.

Standard size. Easy to find a ready-made frame online or at your local hobby store. If you're sending this as a gift and would like us to frame it for you, please convo us, and we'll make special arrangements for you.

– 8.5 x 11" acid-free paper
– Archival pigments, rated to last for generations.
– Cardboard backer
– Above story of the art
– Enclosed in a tight-fitting, crystal clear bag.

** IMPORTANT ** There is about an inch-and-a-third of white space around the picture, so the image is smaller than the paper.

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Sue & John